The SOF WODs Nutritional Prescription isas follows


Should be lean and varied and account for about 30% of your total caloric load. Should be set at between .7 and 1.0 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass depending on your activity level. The .7 figure is for moderate daily workout loads and the 1.0 figure is for the hardcore athlete.


Should be predominantly low-glycemic and account for about 40%+ of your total caloric load (dependent on training volume).


Should be predominantly monounsaturated and account for about 30% of your total caloric load.


For athletes who train the way we do, if you’re hungry, EAT!

 What Should I Eat?

In plain language, base your diet on garden vegetables, especially greens, lean meats, nuts and seeds, fruits, some grain and starch and limited sugar or processed goods. That’s about as simple as we can get. Many have observed that keeping your grocery cart to the perimeter of the grocery store while avoiding the aisles is a great way to protect your health. Food is perishable. The stuff with long shelf life is all suspect. If you follow these simple guidelines you will benefit from nearly all that can be achieved through nutrition.

 What is the Problem with High-Glycemic Carbohydrates?

The problem with high-glycemic carbohydrates is that they give an inordinate insulin response. Insulin is an essential hormone for life, yet acute, chronic elevation of insulin leads to hyperinsulinism, which has been positively linked to obesity, elevated cholesterol levels, blood pressure, mood dysfunction and a Pandora’s box of disease and disability. Research “hyperinsulinism” on the Internet. There’s a gold mine of information pertinent to your health available there. The SOF WODs prescription is a low-glycemic diet and consequently severely blunts the insulin response.


As a basic starting point, we recommend a few supplements to augment your diet. Keep in mind, an athletes exact training goals will dictate supplement protocol.

  1. Whey Protien (Nutri Force, About Time)
  2. Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) (Clutch N-Gage)
  3. Comprehensive Daily Vitamin (Armor V)
  4. Post workout carbohydrate replacement (Endurox)

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