The single most effective and proven way to reach your exact fitness goals.

What We Offer

We offer 100% custom program design to select candidates, actively preparing for SOF selection.  Our coaches will conduct a consultation, baseline testing, create and monitor your custom training template.

We have candidates all around the world who we remotely program for, with an unrivaled success rate of over 70% (compared to the normal 10-30%). We use Fitbot, the leader in online interactive programming, to post your custom training, monitor results, ask questions, upload and analyze video.

Based on your target job or specific fitness goal, we will custom design periodized training, including, but not limited to: strength & conditioning, swimming, water confidence training, running, rucking, calisthenics, olympic weightlifting, mobility, monthly benchmark evaluations and durability evolutions.

*This option is in very high demand, spots are limited, contact us at sofwods@gmail.com to be considered. Cost is 150/mo with a 3 month minimum.


**currently not accepting PPD clients

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